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Термины по тематике Майкрософт, содержащие signal
busy signal The indication that the phone is busyсигнал "занято"
cellular signal The signal between a cellular phone and the mobile operator's network that allows the user to access the Internet and make phone calls using a cellular phone. A telecommunications standard that lets users send and receive messages that include rich text, images, audio, and videoсигнал сети
discrete signal A time series consisting of a sequence of quantities, that is a time series that is a function over a domain of discrete integersдискретный сигнал
production signal A documented notification of a resource flow event that triggers a production or transfer activityпроизводственный сигнал
receive signalсигнал приёма (ssn)
receive signal eventсобытие сигнала приёма (Visual Studio 2012 ssn)
Send Signal EventОтправить событие-сигнал (Visual Studio 2012 ssn)
signal event In a statechart or activity diagram, an indication that one object has received a signal from another. A signal can be declared by using the keyword signal on a class in a class diagramсобытие сигнала
start signal eventначальное событие-сигнал (Office System 2010 SP1 ssn)
UML signal eventсобытие сигнала UML (ssn)
UML signal event propertiesсвойства события сигнала UML (Visio 2007 ssn)