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Термины по тематике Нотариальная практика, содержащие service
active military serviceдействительная служба
Bailiff of the Bailiffs' Department for Southwest Administrative District of the Federal Bailiff Service Directorate of the Сity of MoscowСПИ ОСП по ЮЗАО УФССП по Москве (Судебный пристав-исполнитель Отдела судебных приставов по Юго-Западному Административному Округу Управления Федеральной Службы по Москве AnnaT)
call to military serviceпризыв на военную службу (AD)
civil serviceправительственная служба
consular serviceконсульская служба (consular service, organized body of public officers maintained by a government in the important ports and trade centers of foreign countries to protect the persons and interests of its nationals and to aid them in every possible way. Consuls are officially recognized by a foreign state through the issuance of an authorization known as an exequatur, which may be revoked by the admitting state at any time. The many duties of U.S. consuls in foreign states include promoting and protecting American commercial interests; issuing passports and verifying citizenship; certifying the sanitary conditions of the cargo, crew, and passengers of vessels leaving for U.S. ports; and mediating with local officials in cases of legal matters involving American citizens. The consular service was once strictly distinguished from the diplomatic service, but because of the interrelated duties of the two branches, the Rogers Act of 1924 consolidated both into the Foreign Service of the Department of State. The Department of Commerce and the Department of the Treasury may place commercial attaches at a consulate office to aid in gathering statistics and promoting trade. The persons of consuls enjoy immunity and extraterritoriality in all matters pertaining to their official functions, and the premises of consulates are likewise privileged. Such privileges are granted either by courtesy or through special consular treaties. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia® Copyright © 2007, Columbia University Press - АД)
grant of land for the length of serviceслужебный надел (or, in exceptional cases, for life)
information obtained through intelligence serviceагентурные сведения
intelligence serviceагентура
Interdistrict Department for Special Enforcement Proceedings of the Federal Bailiff Service of the City of MoscowМежрайонный отдел по особым исполнительным производствам Управления ФССП по Москве (AnnaT)
land tenure of a worker for induration of serviceслужебный надел (capable of being converted, in exceptional cases, into tenure for life)
military service for a regular termсрочная служба
On approval of the Provision on state sanitary-and-epidemiological service of the Russian Federation and of the Provision on state sanitary-and-epidemiological standardizationОб утверждении Положения о Государственной санитарно-эпидемиологической службе Российской Федерации и Положения о государственном санитарно-эпидемиологическом нормировании (Reddish Prickle)
one in active military serviceвоеннослужащий
one obligated for military serviceвоеннообязанный
public serviceпубличное служение
public serviceправительственная служба
render servicesоказать услуги
rendering of servicesоказание услуг
secret serviceагентура
service by publicationвручение через публикацию
service gradesтабель о рангах
service of a summonsвручение повестки (ЛисаА)
service of court processesвручение судебных бумаг
service of summonsвручение повестки о вызове
service staffобслуживающий штат
services of high complexityуслуги повышенной сложности (Yeldar Azanbayev)
war servicesвоенные повинности
years of serviceтрудовой стаж