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Термины по тематике Майкрософт, содержащие section
action recording section A part of an action recording that is based on the steps that you mark as passed or failed in a test. Each time you mark the outcome of a test step, a new section of the action recording is createdраздел записи действий
caption section The section on a grouped data access page that displays captions for columns of data. It appears immediately before the group headerраздел подписей
caption sectionраздел подписей
configuration section for the reference data serviceраздел конфигурации для службы ссылочных данных (SQL Server 2012 ssn)
critical section A segment of code which is not reentrant; that is, it does not support concurrent access by multiple threads. Often, a critical section is used to protect shared resourcesкритическая секция
Detail sectionраздел подробностей
Detail section A report section used to contain the main body of a form or report. This section usually contains controls bound to the fields in the record source, but can also contain unbound controls, such as labels that identify a field's contentsраздел подробностей
Enable sales tax book section functionality.Сделать доступными функции раздела книги учёта налогов. (Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 Rori)
presentation section A labeled group of consecutive slides that helps the user navigate and organize presentationsраздел презентации
recursive sectionрекурсивный раздел (A control that contains other controls, can be inserted within itself, and is bound to nested reference fields. Rori)
repeating section content control ​A content control that enables a user the repeat its contents as many times as the user wants to repeat itэлемент управления содержимым "Повторяющийся раздел"
section layout A pre-defined layout that users can select for their InfoPath form sections. Options include single column, two-column, three-column, and four-column layoutsмакет раздела
This section enables you to create and manage search scopes.Этот раздел служит для создания областей поиска и управления ими. (Office System 2010 Rori)