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Термины по тематике Сахалин, содержащие reasonable
as low as reasonably practicable Risks are as low as is reasonably practicable when: there is a gross disproportion between the cost (in money, time or trouble) of additional risk reduction measures, and the reduction in risk they would achieve; the cost of reducing the risks further are grossly high compared with the benefit gainedпрактически целесообразный низкий уровень
as low as reasonably practicableПЦНУ
As Low As Reasonably PracticableПрактически целесообразный низкий уровень (ALARP, ПЦНУ)
in the reasonable opinion ofпо обоснованному мнению
reasonable endeavorsразумные усилия
reasonable protectionнадлежащая защита
reasonable timeобоснованный срок
use reasonable endeavorsприложить разумные усилия
with all reasonable skill, care and diligenceс должным профессиональным отношением и старанием (Sakhalinenergy Алексей Леонов)