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Термины по тематике Хоккей, содержащие To
add to one's leadувеличить преимущество (maystay)
back to backподряд (матчи, следующие один за другим ежедневно HARagLiAMov)
back-to-back gamesматчи, следующие подряд, день за днём (HARagLiAMov)
back-to-backsдве игры за два дня The Devils are 7-4-1-1 in the second game of back-to-backs. (Также употребляется словосочетание back-to-back games. VLZ_58)
bombarded with enough rubber to supply a Goodyear tire storeпод градом шайб (VLZ_58)
checking to the head and neck areaатака в область головы и шеи (antonach)
coast-to-coastот ворот до ворот (He (Naslund) outskated three Senators and beat Patrick Lalime with a perfect wrist shot into the far corner. “It was nice to take it coast to coast, it doesn’t happen that often anymore.” VLZ_58)
D-to-D passпас одного защитника другому (VLZ_58)
draw to oneselfвыманивать на себя (Johnson drew defenseman Klas Dahlbeck to him in the right faceoff circle before passing to Kucherov alone in the slot. VLZ_58)
end-to-endчерез всю площадку (VLZ_58)
end-to-endот ворот до ворот (One of Joseph’s best saves came after Flames captain Jarome Iginla went end-to-end, almost lost the puck in the Detroit zone, but still got off a shot that Joseph stopped with his right leg. VLZ_58)
extend to a shootoutдойти до буллитов (the contest extended to a shootout - игра дошла до буллитов maystay)
forehand-to-backhand dekeфинт с переводом шайбы с "удобной" под "неудобную" руку (VLZ_58)
get the puck over to sb.передать шайбу (Henrik did a great job getting the puck over to me. ART Vancouver)
go forehand to backhandперекладывать шайбу с удобной руки на/под неудобную (Crosby muscled his way past Jaccob Slavin on the far wall before driving toward the crease, shouldering Ron Hainsey out of the way and going forehand to backhand to extend his scoring streak to 10 games VLZ_58)
go toe-to-toeскрестить клюшки (VLZ_58)
go toe-to-toeдраться (Mired in a scoring slump, Ovechkin went toe-to-toe with New York’s Brandon Dubinsky in the second. VLZ_58)
go toe-to-toeсойтись в поединке (Two of the tournament's heavyweights went toe-to-toe tonight at Mytischi Arena, and when the final bell sounded, Canada had come out on top, 5-4. VLZ_58)
goal to gloom over in the locker roomгол в раздевалку (VLZ_58)
hit with a tape-to-tape passвыдать точный пас (ювелирный пас VLZ_58)
play toe-to-toeиграть на равных (The Nashville Predators have played toe-to-toe with the Red Wings, much in thanks to the goaltending of Tomas Vokoun. VLZ_58)
pop out toотскочить (VLZ_58)
pull the puck to the forehandпереложить шайбу на/под удобную руку (maystay)
push contest to overtimeперевести игру в дополнительное время (maystay)
push the game to overtimeперевести игру в дополнительное время (maystay)
take the game to overtimeперевести игру в дополнительное время (maystay)
tape-to-tape passювелирный пас (VLZ_58)
tape-to-tape passвыверенный пас (VLZ_58)
tape-to-tape passточный пас (VLZ_58)
tape-to-tape passидеально точный пас (Tamerlane)
they took it to usони нас прижали (Louie made some key saves for us at key times, but in the second period, they took it to us, I thought. VLZ_58)
they took it to usони нас взяли в оборот (VLZ_58)
win races to the puckбыть быстрее на шайбе (т.е. быстрее оказываться у шайбы maystay)